Coaches & Staff

Lakeshore Lacrosse is staffed with, and owned by, women with extensive experience playing, coaching and developing players at all levels. On the field and off, we’re passionate about the sport and believe in its limitless potential to build leaders and bring joy.



Michelle Sebastian

Michelle Sebastian, Partner and Director of Coaching

Amanda Kammes

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Gwen TegarT


Bridget Olp

Partner and Founder of Lakeshore Lacrosse, Chief Executive Officer


Staff & Coaches


Christina Amato

Whitney Capps

Wei Chenh


Casey Kellogg

Mikayla Clark

Beatrice Conley

Michelle Dillon


Lanie Dolan

Laura Finfrock

Alex Gambacorta

Lynn Gerbec


Maddie Harman

Meghan Harte

Emily Hauptle

Sarah Jonathan


Leah Peterson


Francesca LoVerde

Kendall Santulli Maloney


Keeley McCarthy

Devin McCue

Fran Meyer

Sarah Milligan


Kristen Murray

Sarah Piazza

Nicole Pullano

Ifat Ribon


Colleen Savell

Taylor Sopron

Karl Steiger

Emma Tomlinson


Sonia Wang

Martha Venchus

Lizz Vargas

Maggie Zentgraf