Private & Small Group Lessons

Lakeshore training is available to individuals, small groups, and High School teams. Our training is designed to teach fundamentals, increase Lax IQ, playing speed and basic to advanced concepts.


Team Training for 8+ Players
Team Training offers the opportunity for players from the same school to train together during the off season. Due to IHSA rules, having the opportunity to train with your teammates by a non-HS affiliated coach is invaluable. Being able to build a foundation of game concepts and unity in the off season is key to a successful start in March. Team Training is our most cost effective training offering.

Small Group Training for 2-7 Players
Small group is a great fit for friends of similar skill level who want to work together. It offers an opportunity to work in a competitive environment while still receiving individualized feedback. Lakeshore wants to ensure players get the most out of these sessions and will provide each player feedback and ‘homework’ from session to session.

Individual Training for 1 Player
Individual training offers an opportunity to work on individual skills such as shooting mechanics, defensive footwork, stick work and mechanics, as well as dodging and footwork. Lakeshore strives to enhance players strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Player feedback and at home work is given to players throughout their training.

Stick Stringing
Lakeshore uses Windy City Wands for all their stick stringing needs. With limited options and stores to access such a service in the Midwest, Windy City Wands brings East Coast expertise on the latest stringing trends by age, position and skill level. Contact them HERE.

Players can register and make payment for just 1 person or the whole group. Please email Director Amanda Kammes – – if you’d like to get set up to train!



Locations, Times and Fees

Locations vary based on players’ needs.

Fee Per Player

Number of Players Outdoor Fee Indoor Fee
1 $95 $110
2 $80 $95
3 $70 $85
4 $60 $75
5 $50 $65
6 $45 $60
7 $40 $55



Led by Michelle Sebastain and Amanda Kammes with the Lakeshore coaching staff.

Amanda Kammes

Amanda Kammes

Michelle Sebastian

Michelle Sebastian


For in depth information on each offering visit program page or email the Director of Training Amanda Kammes: