National Premier Scholarships

Each year, Lakeshore Lacrosse offers three need-based scholarships, covering the annual season fee to National Premier League players. Two of these scholarships, Coaches Make a Difference Scholarship and Capture the Spirit Scholarship, are offered for high school players, and one, For the Love of the Game Scholarship, is offered for a middle school player. All three require 20 hours of volunteer work for the year from the scholarship recipient or her parent/guardian.


Coaches Make a Difference Scholarship

High School (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

Lakeshore’s Coaches Make a Difference Scholarship is named each year in honor of a Lakeshore coach who has contributed to the success of our program through her hard work, positive attitude and dedication. She challenges her players to achieve their best, as women and as athletes. We are thrilled to select — as the Lakeshore coach to represent the 2019 Coaches Make a Difference Scholarship

Kristen has a rich history in the world of lacrosse. To name a few of her lacrosse accolades, she is a former NCAA Division 1 player at Brown University, board member at U.S. Lacrosse, and a varsity coach at the long time, top ranked New Trier High School program. Since joining the Lakeshore coaching staff, Kristen always brings a positive outlook to every coaching moment. She has a special way of coaching as she teaches the key fundamentals and has her players implement them in more complex drills and plays. Kristen has positively impacted her Lakeshore players, the Lakeshore coaching staff, and most notably, the growth of lacrosse in Illinois over the last 2 decades. She gives of her time and expertise to make the sport better for all girls. She is a role model for her colleagues, players, and their parents. Due to her dedication to the sport, the players, her fellow coaches, and to Lakeshore Lacrosse, we are honored to present this award to Kristen Murray.

Capture the Spirit Scholarship

Named in honor of Connie Loftis

High School (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

For her dedication, amazing spirit and the lasting images she has captured with her camera, Lakeshore’s Capture the Spirit Scholarship is named in honor of Connie Loftis. Connie has shared her immense talent as a photographer memorializing the wonderful moments our players, coaches, referees and families have had participating in Lakeshore games and events. She never stops inspiring and influencing the participants of Lakeshore Lacrosse.

For the Love of the Game Scholarship

Named in honor of CarolLynn Ellison

Middle School (2024, 2025)

Lakeshore’s For the Love of the Game Scholarship is named in honor of CarolLynn Ellison—for her love of, and dedication to, the players and families of Lakeshore Lacrosse. CarolLynn exudes positivity, and her warmth and caring are evident to everyone who meets her.

CarolLynn has been associated with Lakeshore since 2007 and has been instrumental to our growth, to our reputation, and to the high quality of our players. She is the heart of Lakeshore Lacrosse.

Who Qualifies

In order to qualify for a scholarship, one of the following situations must exist for the applicant:

Situation 1

The player is currently receiving assistance from Free or Reduced School Lunch, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Aid for Dependent Children (Welfare), Foster Care and/or Medicaid. Please provide a copy of official documentation as proof of need.

Situation 2

Economic hardship exists due to loss of job, death of income producing spouse, divorce, life threatening illness and/or major catastrophe. Please provide any documentation as proof of need.

What the Scholarship Covers

The scholarship covers the 2019 annual season fee (spring/summer + fall). The annual season fee includes all tournament fees, but does not include airfare to tournaments, uniforms, recruiting packages or any winter tournaments. We require 20 hours of volunteer time per family for the year.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the scholarship, the following documentation must be completed and sent by the deadline dates below to or to Lakeshore Lacrosse, 20 Danada Square West, Wheaton, IL, 60189.


Application due by Monday February 4th, 2019 by 5pm
Recipient will be notified by Friday, February 8th, 2019

How Scholarships are Awarded

Players and Parents must submit all documentation by the deadline in order to be considered for a scholarship. Applications and supporting documentation should be sent to Lakeshore Lacrosse’s Controller, Gwen Tegart at The documentation will then be forwarded to a panel for anonymous review.

Additional Requirements

In addition to 20 hours of volunteer work for Lakeshore Lacrosse per season, the recipient must comply with the National Premier Player Policy.

A scholarship recipient’s account must be in good standing (all balances have been paid or are on a payment plan).