Villa Park

2019 Season

Odeum Expo Center
1033 N. Villa Ave, Villa Park


Skills, Drills & Scrimmage: Skills, Drills & Scrimmage is a perfect fit for players looking to put skill development into action with live game play.  This program combines the 60 minutes of Skills & Drills, and includes an additional 30 minutes devoted to scrimmaging to reinforce rules, positioning and game strategy with on-field coaching.  Players are divided into small groups based on age and experience for the first 60 minutes and will then play together for the 30 minute scrimmage

Speed and Agility: The Speed and Agility program is designed to increase footspeed, strengthen the lower body to develop a faster first step and prevent injury and increase overall fitness level.  The 30 minute program will incorporate footwork ladders, resistance training and dynamic movement.

January Session

3rd-12thSkills, Drills and Scrimmage
-60 minutes skills and drills
-30 minutes scrimmaging
-High quality coaching in small groups
Thursdays, 6:00p-7:30pm
1/17, 1/24, 1/31