Our philosophy:  Lakeshore Training provides dedicated female athletes with a unique and dynamic approach to the sport of lacrosse taught by our staff at the top of the women’s game. We will help players improve their mechanics and developing field sense. We strive to work on enhancing players strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. We will develop a plan to set realistic goals for each player. The plan will also include giving players extra work outside of training and advising them on the lacrosse opportunities that will best help them achieve their goals.  Each session is one hour.

Our curriculum is designed specifically for each player to help them improve their level of play.   Training sessions are taught by our high level Lakeshore coaching staff, who are at the top of the women’s game.

We will teach you the lacrosse know-how to get open for the ball, in order to use the skills and the decision making you have learned to be the most effective player you can be.

Training Options

    • Training geared toward the beginner or 1-2 years of experience athlete.
    • Training geared toward the player with 2+ years experience. This training may be more fast paced and will begin to incorporate advanced skills.
    • Training is fast paced, advanced and geared toward the elite athlete. This training is intended for kids who are currently playing club lacrosse or are advanced skill wise when compared to their peers.

For in depth information on each offering visit program page or email the Director of Training Amanda Kammes,

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