Training: Team, Small Group, Individual

Welcome to Lakeshore Training.  Led by Claire Banta and Michelle Sebastian, Lakeshore Lacrosse provides the highest level training available.

Lakeshore Training Description

    Team Training offers the opportunity for players from the same school to train together during the off season.  Having the advantage of being able to build  a foundation of game concepts and unity in the off season is key to a successful start in March. Team Training is our most cost effective and competitive training offering.
    Small group is a great fit for friends of similar skill level who want to work together.  It offers an opportunity to work in a competitive environment while still receiving individualized feedback.  Lakeshore wants to ensure players get the most out of these sessions and  provides an outline for extra training to do on their own time.
    Individual training offers an opportunity to work in a safe setting on mechanics and game situations to improve field sense.  Lakeshore strive to  enhance players strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  To ensure players get the most out of these sessions, an outline is provided for extra training to do on their own time.
    Strength and speed training is available to individuals,  small group, or team training.  It is designed to help build  muscles for preventive injuries through different types of dynamic movement.

All sessions are 1 hour in length.  Player(s) lists goals of the session during registration.

For training sessions of 1-4 players, Lakeshore will provide an evaluation form.  The form will be completed by the coach, on site, at the end of the session.  This form will be emailed to the player when the session details (coach, location, and time) are confirmed.  It is the player’s responsibility to print and bring the form to the session.  For groups of 5-7 players there will be email follow-up within 48 hours of the session.

Team Training is for 8+ players.  This is ideal for players from the same school or same team to work together during the off-season when their coaches are restricted from providing instruction.


Players can register and make payment for just 1 person or the whole group.  Please fill out the registration form if you are ready to train!

Time and Locations


  • Patriot Boxing, Elmhurst: by appointment
  • Kits Sports Center, Lake Zurich: Sundays, 2-3pm and by appointment
  • Libertyville Sports Complex: Saturdays, 12-1pm
  • Max McCook: Saturdays, 10-11am
  • Westmont Yard: Wednesdays, 7-8pm or 8-9pm

If these options do not work, we will try to accommodate other requests based on coaching availability.


Led by Michelle Sebastian and Claire Banta with the Lakeshore coaching staff.
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1 player2 players3-4 players5-7 players8+ Players
$95$75 player$50/player$35/player$25/player

Contact Information

For questions on training or coaching, please contact Michelle Sebastian at or 773-350-4356.

For questions on registration or scheduling, please contact Lynn Merrill at or 773-909-5940.