What is included in the National Premier Program
When players come to Lakeshore hoping to prepare to play at the collegiate level, we do more than just develop their skills—we ensure that they have the best opportunities to be recognized by recruiters and coaches. All National Premier players have access to this information. If you are interested in the National Premier program and Lakeshore’s NCAA recruiting information, please contact Michelle Sebastian., 773.350.4356

Lakeshore NCAA Recruiting Package
Families have the option to purchase a separate Recruiting Package for additional recruiting support. This is the opportunity to work with one of Lakeshore’s Recruiting Specialists, who will proactively communicate with NCAA coaches on your behalf. Please contact Michelle Sebastian, Lakeshore Recruiting Director, for more information., 773.350.4356

Lakeshore will host Recruiting Realities Seminars during the year. We encourage players to attend at least one of these to learn more about the process.

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