Lakeshore’s National Premier Travel program will require your biggest commitment, athletically and personally. We promise it will bring out your absolute best as a player—and maximize your visibility to recruiters. This is an opportunity for our most competitive athletes to play in national and local tournaments.

This program consists of graduation year specific teams:  Team 2019, Team 2020, Team 2021, Team 2022, Team 2023 and Team 2024/2025.

Pending tryout results, a second team may be formed at combined graduation years.

Team Practices:  Players advance their individual stick skills, develop team work, master game concepts and have fun while working with the best coaches around—they all played collegiate-level lacrosse, some are certified officials and many are coaches of high school varsity teams.  Teams practices are on Saturday mornings in a central location (please note, HS teams practice on Sunday mornings in the fall) as well as Wednesdays.  HS teams practice in the Glenview area on Wednesdays; youth teams practice in the Glenview area during the summer and regionally (Hinsdale and Glenview) in the fall.

Games:  Teams participate in spring scrimmages and tournament play on select weekends where they put into action the strategies emphasized on during the team practice.

The National Premier schedule allows players interested also playing Chicago Stars the flexibility to participate in both programs.


  • Top flight coaches committed to each player’s growth
  • More practice opportunities to mesh as a team
  • More game/scrimmage experience
  • Personalized written/verbal performance evaluations
  • Added uniform options for increased visibility and a complete team look

To see where we travel, check out our tournament index.


If a player is selected for a team and she agrees to take a spot on the roster, the player is committed to Lakeshore Lacrosse. She may not play with any other club team (practice or games). Anyone found “double rostering” will be removed from the Lakeshore team. Please note, this does not apply other Lakeshore Travel Teams (Midwest Select or Chicago Stars) or IGLA programs, as those teams would not be attending the same tournaments. It also does not apply to playing with your high school team. The player is also expected to attend all practices and tournaments.


  • Team 2020 Orange made it to the Championship game at the Lax Clash in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Team 2019 Orange came in first at the US Lacrosse Central Championships
  • Team 2021 came in 2nd place and Team 2021/2022 came in 4th place at the STX Minnesota Shootout
  • Teams 2018 and 2020 were the only Illinois teams to finish Top 4 in the US Lacrosse Regional Championships, June 2014
  • Team 2018 was the HIGHEST ranked team from Illinois to compete at US Lacrosse National Championships in Denver, CO—against teams that were heavily comprised of 2017s
  • 2016 USLacrosse Women’s National Tournament Illinois team: 19 of the 22 players have been or are currently a part of the Lakeshore National Travel Program.  The only 2019 players to make the team are all Lakeshore National players!

A Letter from National Premier Travel Coordinator

Anyone can give you the opportunity to play. At Lakeshore we want you to learn the small subtle differences that separate the good from the great and to grow correctly within the women’s game. We’re proud to have the resources to do it—like coaches who have played and coached at a high level and private or small group lessons if you think you need the extra attention.

Most of Lakeshore’s dedicated coaches have “real” jobs or are currently college players (in summer season). This is something they love to do and want to share. We feel it is important to have as many different influences on girls and young women as possible. These women are physical therapists, chemists, teachers, computer wizards, etc. Players learn differently, hit a spark, or make a connection in new ways with different coaches. That’s another reason, that unlike most clubs, we have you experience different coaches until your main recruiting years.

Lakeshore coaches have made a terrific name for themselves. The more clinics we host, coaches we talk to, and tournaments we attend, the more they know us. Our recruiting specialists have formed great relationships with college coaches, who come watch our Lakeshore games. Those coaches have learned to trust ours based on their history with Lakeshore.

From Division 1 through Division 3, much of the recruiting process happens before junior year of high school with the top D1 girls committing during sophomore year.  However, many players are still looking during their junior year and the D2 and D3 players typically commit in senior year.

We will tell you when you need to worry about the recruiting process. If you ever have a question, all you need to do is call or email Michelle Sebastian. We have done this before and can help your family!

Michelle Sebastian