Specialty Camps and Clinics


There are always new, fresh ways to see or teach the concepts of lacrosse, and we want our players to benefit from them. That’s why we strive to bring to our players, our coaches, and to the state of Illinois, as much high level coaching as possible. This also helps the high level college coaches to get to know our players better and see what Chicagoland has to offer!


2018 Pre-Season Goalie Clinic
February 24th Choose between two locations!  Both will focus on agility and movement to prepare for the spring season.

1) Montini Catholic High School in Lombard
9:30am-11:30am with Head Goalie Coach Laura Finfrock

2) Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville
11:00am-1:00pm with Head Goalie Coach Taylor Sopron

2018 Before the Cup College Clinic
July 13th Mercy Health Sportscore One Rockford, IL
Details can be found here


2017 Vanderbilt University Clinic
December 16th
Vandernbilt’s first ever clinic offered in the Midwest was a huge success.  Coach Swezey and Coach Hewitt shared new concepts and renewed vitality with over 40 players and coaches.  They look forward to watching the talented players that come out of the Midwest!

2017 ChiTown Clinic
October 8th 
Girls who attended the clinic had the chance to work with coach Kelsea Donnelly & coach Maddy Lesher on very position specific skills. Coach Donnelly worked on goalie drills & skills while coach Lesher worked with field players on stick skills, ground balls, 1v1 defense, and dodging.  “We loved being able to have the chance to come out to the Midwest. It was a great opportunity to spread the sport of lacrosse! We as a staff enjoyed the girls who attended the clinic and had a great experience” Coach Donnelly

2017 Before the Cup College Clinic
July 7th
Over 100 players came out to work with coaches from Butler, Grand Valley State, Haverford, Marquette, Towson, Central Michigan and  Denver.  The station based clinic allowed players the chance to work closely with each of the coaches.

Draw Clinic with Alyssa Leonard
June 22, 2017 40 players took advantage of the opportunity to work with Alyssa Leonard, Northwestern’s all time draw control leader.  Players worked on both taking the draw and playing it from the circle.

USC/Penn State Player Clinic
June 22, 2017 Joined by current players Katie Karahalios (USC) and Yasmain Hamood (Penn State), Alyssa Leonard and Brooke Matthews took players through stickwork gameplay drills and ended the clinic with full field scrimmaging.

2017 Preseason Goalie Clinic
February 12 Lakeshore was thrilled to host Caitlin Fifield (Marquette Goalie Coach and Head Assistant), Vas Barakos (Aurora University Assistant Coach) and Laura Finfrock (Glenbard West HS Head Coach & Lakeshore Goalie Coach) to help prepare goalies for the spring season.

2016 ChiTown Clinic with Chris Robinson
October 9th
Lakeshore’s annual ChiTown Clinic was a hit!  Coach Robinson shared with the players not only his knowledge of the game, but also the qualities possessed by some of his club’s greatest athletes.  “It was really informative and helpful. Great info re: sticks, wall ball (of course!), maintaining the proper netting in your stick, etc.” J. McNulty

2016 Monmouth University with Eileen Ghent
August 31st Monmouth was a well attended, fun clinic mainly focusing on defensive body positioning and man-down play.  Eileen was super energetic and did an amazing job coaching and teaching the girls new concepts.

2016 Louisville Clinic with Lauren Benner
July 27th
Lakeshore had an excellent turn-out and was thrilled to have such a high-caliber coach to introduce new concepts for mid-field and un-even number play.  Lauren Benner was very interactive with hands on coaching and took her time to make sure girls understood the technique and concepts. 

2016 USC Clinic
June 11th USC skill clinics were a great addition to the Annual Summer Warm-Up – Players worked on “flipping” and driving to goal and stick skills.

2016 Preseason Goalie Clinic
February 21st
This station specific clinic for goalies in 5th-12th grade featuring coaches like Timmy Smith!

2016 Kalamazoo Clinic
February 21st
Head Coach Jessica Smith shared some of her go to drills with players as they get ready for the upcoming spring season.

2015 laX Games Clinic 
December 5th Lakeshore National Travel coaches, Claire Banta and Maggie Zentgraf, warmed up players before the 2nd Annual laX Games tournament.  The purpose of the warm-up was to introduce new and fun ways for the girls to work on their game outside of practice.  Maggie and Claire took them through a stick routine with a partner, however, it can be used during wall-ball too.  The coaches showed them arm strengthening techniques and stick tricks that will benefit their rotator-cuff all the way down to their fingers.  Lastly, the girls went through a drill that incorporated change of direction while learning to accelerate and decelerate in small spaces leading into a ground ball or pass, finishing with a shot.   Both coaches felt it was important that the girls were able to take-away skills that were easily implemented into the players pre warm-up and “at home” practice.
2015 ChiTown Clinic with American University 
October 11th Colleen McCaffrey was able to bring in fast paced new drills to challenge the players to think differently.  The stick work she taught was extremely helpful for every girl to improve her game, no matter her skill level. Every player walked away with significant new knowledge and time well spent.

2015 Moorestown Clinic
August 30th Due to high demand, Courtney Legath returned for a well attended coaching followed by a player clinic to learn technique from Moorestown High School in New Jersey.

2015 Villanova Clinic
February 22nd Assistant Coach Caitlin Powderly and recently inducted Hall of Famer, Leigh Ann Boscarino, led a clinic focused on stick skills, transitions, critical decision making and communication.

2015 Preseason Goalie Clinic
February 22nd
This station specific clinic for goalies in 5th-12th grade featured coaches Caitlin Powederly (Villanova Assistant Coach), Ashley Gersuk (Northwestern Assistant Coach), Laura Finfrock (Adrian Alum), Kirk Lamitie (IIT Head Coach) and Michael Cavello (Culver Academy Alum, currently at DePaul).

2014 Berkeley Clinic
December 28th Assistant Coach Megan Takacs led a personalized clinic, focused on stick skills, winning ground balls, playing quickly and tightly on attack, and how to best prepare to win on the draw.

2014 Clinic featuring Northwestern’s Danielle Spencer
December 5th
Danielle Spencer led a clinic before the first annual laX Games to teach stickwork, shooting and defensive skills.

2014 Yale Clinic
October 12th Head Coach Anne Phillips, Assistant Coach Andrea Cofrin and Goalie Coach Ashley Casiano led a clinic for 60 players, many who played in the ChiTown Classic the day before.

2014 Moorestown Player & Coach Clinic
August 17th  Assistant Coach Courtney Legath led a station style clinic to give a glimpse into a Moorestown style practice.  This New Jersey High School has the winningest program in girls HS lacrosse and produces 9+ D1 players annually.

2014 Stanford Clinic
July 25th This station style clinic featured Stanford Assistant Coach, Lauren Schwarzmann, and current Stanford players, Kelsey Murray and Laura Klein.

2014 Recruiting Realities Seminar
June 7th Lakeshore’s Recruiting Specialist Emily Jakacki and Andrew Novelli of National Scouting Report led an informative session during Summer Warm Up for parents and players interested in learning more about the collegiate recruiting process.

2014 Marquette Clinic
May 6th The 4th Annual Marquette Clinic was another great success.  Coach Meredith Simon Black and her assistant coaches provided great instruction and fun drills for the players that attended.

2014 Preseason Goalie Clinic
January 18th The 3rd Annual Preseason Goalie Clinic was another great success.  NCAA Goalies Jamie Carlson (Stony Brook), Ashley Gersuk (Northwestern) and Laura Finfrock (Adrian) led stations to help goalies raise their game.

2013 Johns Hopkins Player & Coach Clinic
November 2nd & 3rd The first ever Johns Hopkins Clinic in the Midwest was a great success.  Over 85 players and 40 coaches from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Colorado attended.

2013 Marquette Clinic
September 25th This year’s Marquette Clinic was another success!  The station style clinic featured not only Marquette staff:  Head Coach Meredith Simon Black, Assistant Coach Jordy Kirr and Assistant Coach Caitlin Powderly, but also Marquette players.  Some areas of focus included:  draw control, shooting and game play scenarios.  Coach Black was impressed with the energy and enthusiam of the participants.

2013 Recruiting Realities Seminar
May 19th Lakeshore’s Recruiting Specialists Mary Kate Casey and Emily Jakacki led a presentation with information and a Q&A panel of previous and current collegiate players and their parents.

2013 Penn Clinic
April 28th Assistant Coach Melissa Lehman led a clinic of 60 players covering 1v1 skills, effective double teams and handling the double in settled and midfield situations.  Players also had the opportunity to have a Q&A session at the end of the clinic.

2013 Harvard Clinic
March 17th Over 100 players from 7th through 12th grade attended the first ever Lakeshore Top Tier Clinic featuring the Harvard Women’s Lacrosse coaches and players.  Neither the cold nor wind kept parents and players from taking the opportunity to work closely with the team and coaches.

2013 Preseason Goalie Clinic
February 10th Over 30 goalies came out to the 2nd Annual Preseason Goalie Clinic.  Goalies were divided into groups by experience and led through stations to improve their game.

2012 Marquette Clinic
September 24th & 25th The second annual Meredith Simon Black clinic was another success!  Players from 7th-12th grade enjoyed the opportunity to work with a D1 coach.  The clinic also gave Lakeshore coaches to chance to learn effective new drills.

2011 Marquette Clinic
September 14th Lakeshore welcomed Meredith Simon Black to teach current travel players both attack and defensive skills.