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 “I want to thank you all for a wonderful experience.  Because of Lakeshore, my daughter has had the opportunity to grow as an athlete, a girl, and be coached by some outstanding role models.  I am grateful for that.  Thanks for all you do for the girls!”

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to try out with the Lakeshore National team yesterday.  My daughter had a great time, and you guys run a really great program.  I was extremely impressed.  Upon entering this tryout (in which you clearly made an exception to your normal protocol…so thank you), I learned that your program is much more organized and has a much greater depth in skill and coaching talent, than any program we have done thus far….a huge complement- as we are an active family and have participated in a LOT of athletic programs through the years!”

“I can tell you that this journey is not about winning. Winning is fun and exciting but not important. Lakeshore wins sometimes. Definitely more often now than when we started! But more importantly, Lakeshore teaches confidence, resilience and persistence. Through everything from tryouts, travel, roommates and playing the game. Figuring this out is what makes you a winner in life. I want to thank Lakeshore and their coaches for everything they have done to make our daughters become wonderful women.”

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“Lakeshore Lacrosse was a fantastic experience for my daughter.  Not only did she improve her stickwork and her confidence on the field, but her understanding of the game greatly increased as well. It’s a top-notch program all around!” Parent, Northbrook Stickler

“My daughter has had another fun-filled summer season with girls in our area with different ages and coaches.  The summer league is a great way for them to gain experience together as a team with a regional presence.”  Parent, Hinsdale Riser

“Before Lakeshore Lacrosse, I had only played for my high school team. It was a new program so it had a slow start. But then I did the summer league and it helped me grow immensely. Before, I didn’t even pass correctly.  Now I have the skills and drills I need to take back home to my high school team to help them grow and succeed, just as I have. Thank you, Lakeshore.” Player, Lake Zurich Elite


“She loves the Lacrosse league! We have been so impressed with the coaches and with how well-run the league is.”

Small Group and Private Training

“Emily has gotten a lot out of the individual sessions and the small group training with her York high school teammates. For the individual sessions she gets expert instruction and lots of reps; and she and her York teammates found the small group sessions to be a great tune-up for their spring season. These are a great extension of the team offerings from Lakeshore Lacrosse where across the board they take playing the right way seriously and have fun doing it.”

“Our daughter has had both private and small group training with Claire Banta. Our first impression of Claire was fantastic; she shows up on time, prepared, and organized for her training sessions and she doesn’t waste any time; she immediately has the girls with their sticks in their hands and they collectively jump into the session. What our daughter enjoys most about working with Claire is her ability to convey and teach new techniques and drills to her young athletes. Drills are discussed and then put in action. Situations are explained and then they play those scenarios out in their drills; most of it is simulating game situations. There is a lot of “if this; then do this” talk that you don’t get enough of in a typical team practice. She is personal and is excellent at demonstrating different drills and techniques and having her students understand how to do them correctly and always explains why they are important to grasp. Claire is also very keen to point out deficiencies or bad mechanics; she identifies them and corrects them; not allowing her students to become complacent. Claire isn’t someone to sit back and go through the motions – she cares about her players and she works hard with them and it shows.”

“We’ve know Michelle “Seabass” Sebastian for a number of years. Her enthusiasm for our girls and the game of lacrosse is evident the very first time you get the pleasure of meeting her. We have engaged Michelle to help our daughter in small group sessions as well as individual private sessions. What makes Michelle a great teacher/coach is the energy she brings each and every time she is around our daughter. It is contagious and that sets the tone for the time they spend together. She runs a very intense upbeat practice/session and the girls are able to cover a lot of technical and situational training with Michelle. One other aspect that daughter really enjoys the competitive nature Michelle has. That competitive spirit translates to the training and she is able to create friendly competition amongst her group which allows for a more focused session and more fun session then they otherwise may get. Another great trait of Michelle is that she cares deeply about our daughters not only being great lacrosse plays but also great athletes. Sometimes they may do sprints or shuttles; other times it might be plyo training. It is great way to break up the training by having the girls put their sticks down and focus on the athletic side of the sport too. You won’t find many like Michelle who can bring as much energy to training sessions!”

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