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Check out the Montini Catholic feature "Under the Radar-Lakeshore Connection" on page 9. Congratulations to Coach Michelle Sebastian and her team, especially Lakeshore players Fran Meyer, Sarah Lugo, Franceca LoVerde and Franki Kamely.
Lakeshore Lacrosse Travel Teams features on WGN in the Around Town Segment!  Director CarolLynn Ellison is interviewed by Pat Tomasulo during a practice.

Chicago Athlete

Chicago Athlete
Check out the recap on the Illinois High School Women's Lacrosse Association Website about the Indian Praire Showdown. 
Check out the mentioned about us in the June edition of Chicago Athlete Magazine! Download Page 30. You can find the entire magazine either online or get a free hard copy at any running or cycling store.





"Since my daughter was three she has been very active in athletics. She has competed in sports ranging from judo and boxing to soccer and softball. This has given me a unique opportunity to observe many different styles and methods of coaching and the one thing that really stands out about Lakeshore is the quality of coaching. My daughter could not wait to go to practice each week,she became a better player,loved her coaches and, most importantly to me, had a lot of fun the whole season. The added bonus was the great league competition. I would highly recommend Lakeshore to any parent who's daughter wants to play lacrosse, you can really tell the staff enjoy what their doing and care about the girls.  As a parent I could not have asked for anything more." -Randy, Daughter on Select Risers, Lake Zurich

"First and foremost… your organization is great!  Isabella really had a wonderful time in Indoor!"  Mike, Lakeshore Parent, 2010

"Best experience! My daughter has played indoor, travel and on the select teams and she has received the same quality coaching, play time and experience. Lakeshore is a top notch club that cares about each player, improving their game while promoting friendship and sportmanship. The coaching is fantastic! Lakeshore gives each player the attention she deserves to up her game. As a freshman, my daughter has many years with Lakeshore and we look forward to it all."   Nora L., Naperville, IL, Lakeshore Parent, 2010

"I wanted to thank Lakeshore Lacrosse for your excellent program and staff.  My daughter Shelby has taken classes over the last year and really felt that she learned a lot from your staff.  Last week were tryouts for her high school team.  One night after tryouts she got into the car and told me that she was so happy that she took classes from your program and really understood and appreciated why every move that she made was analyzed and commented on and she was made to improve immediately.  She said that everything clicked for her and she was confident and well prepared for several grueling days of tryouts.  She found out yesterday that she made the freshman/sophomore team and is more than pleased.  So, thanks once again for an awesome program."  Carol, Lakeshore Parent 2010

"Sara decided tonight she loves Lacrosse and will not play soccer in the fall so she is all in." Richard, Lakeshore Parent, 2010

"Thanks for all the opportunities this fall and winter. I love Lakeshore Lacrosse and wish we had it when I played. Its great how much the sport has grown in IL and a lot of that is thanks to organizations like Lakeshore."  Jaci, Lakeshore Coach, 2010

"What a great organization, this Lakeshore Lacrosse. I grew up playing lacrosse in Rochester NY and I don't remember having access to any organization this wide reaching. Very cool."  Mike, Lakeshore Parent, 2009

"Thanks. I also must tell you, that I was very impressed by the way your coaches ran practice. I have coached baseball for a long time, and I know how difficult it can be to keep the kids focused. The coaches did a great job, and my daughter really enjoys the game."
Jim, Lakeshore Parent, 2009

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