Lakeshore Alumni

  • As part of a Lakeshore National Travel Team, your general fee includes:
    • The opportunity to wear a Lakeshore uniform and be recognized as a top level player
    • Access to Lakeshore’s network and relationships
    • Participation in nationally recruited tournaments in age specific brackets
    • An exceptional and dedicated coaching staff who will advocate for you
    • General exposure to coaches before a tournament
    • An honest evaluation of player’s skill and potential

    Families have the option to purchase a separate Recruiting Package for additional recruiting support. This is the opportunity to work with one of Lakeshore’s Recruiting Specialists and access to a network of established relationships with DI, DII and DIII coaches for future steps in the recruiting process.
    • Written Player Assessment
    • Road Map for Outreach
    • Developed Player Profile
    • Bi-monthly Calls

    Lakeshore will host Recruiting Realities Seminars during the year. It is mandatory to attend this at least once to learn more about the process.

    US Lacrosse College Recruiting Website 

    NCAA Student Website